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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gift of History?

The Gift of History is an educational program designed to make history come alive for Orange County’s third graders. Every third grade student in Orange County is invited to take part in an 8 week Integrated Unit of Instruction, year round activities, final project, and an annual event at Angel Stadium. During the event they are given a history book on the County (entitled Nothing Rhymes with Orange) and are treated to an hour‐long program designed to illustrate that history is alive and all around them – from the buildings they see, to the streets they drive on, to the parks they play at, to the dynamic examples of leadership that show they can achieve anything if they believe in themselves.

This year the program is limited to the first 10,000
registered 3rd graders.

When is the event?

The Gift of History event will be held on Thursday, November 17th, 2016

Where is the event being held?

At the Angel Stadium in Anaheim
(parking and entrance gate info will be provided closer to the event)

When does the event start and end?

Timeline of events:

8:30 am Gates open and students may arrive at Angel Stadium
8:30 am - 9:45 am Pre‐show educational entertainment
9:45 am Students must be in their seats
Start of “OC Gift of History Game Show” inside the Stadium
10:00am Gift of History program begins
10:50 am Gift of History program ends; students begin to leave the Stadium and receive their book bags

If possible, students should arrive as early as possible to ensure that they are in their seats by 9:45 a.m.

Who can participate in the event?

The Gift of History program is designed specifically for third grade students. Teachers, parents and administrators are also invited to attend.

What will my third graders learn?

The Children’s Education Foundation has designed an 8-week Integrated Unit of Instruction based on P21 Century Skills and Common Core. This curriculum will be available online a month before the event.

Third graders will learn to answer the Essential Question – How does where you live affect how you live? The curriculum utilizes Project Based Learning and helps address the Civility - Fifth C.

How much does it cost for students to attend?

There is NO ADMISSION COST for students to attend the Gift of History event. Due to the generous support of our community partners and key program sponsors, no costs are passed along to the student.

Can parents and chaperones come to the event?

Yes, parents and chaperones are allowed to attend the event as long as they come on the bus with the schools or are registered as a driver on the Gift of History registration forms.

Please note: No parents or volunteers will be allowed into the stadium unless they are on the bus accompanying the students. For Private Schools without buses or home schools see notes below.

How do I register my school for the event?

To register for the event, please complete the School Registration Form online. The following link will direct you to the registration form:


Tips for the Day of the Event

Classes will be seated in the order in which they arrive. Here are some tips if you would like your district to be visible:

› If you would like to attempt to sit together, you may arrange a meeting place OUTSIDE of the stadium, however if you choose do to this

  • Please arrive early to coordinate students getting to their seats on time
  • Please have school volunteers prepared to help coordinate this effort
  • Please choose a location that is safe from traffic and does not interrupt other students entering the event

› Another option is to choose a color shirt for your district’s students to wear so that they are easily visible in the stadium.

› Also, your district may want to make signs. You may bring one sign per class. GET EXCITED AND BE CREATIVE! Also, please be mindful of transportation, safety and blocking others’ views as you design your signs.

Notes for Private and Home Schools

Private schools and home school groups will have their own check-in area. This will be indicated on the transportation instruction you will receive following registration. For classes driven in private vehicles (anything other than a school bus) each driver’s name must be provided on the registration forms. This is to allow entrance while ensuring the safety of all children.

I heard that there are funds available for transportation. How can I apply?

Yes, schools that would not be able to attend without assistance with the cost of transportation are invited to apply for a Transportation Grant to help cover those costs. Please complete the Program Registration form in its entirety to qualify. Transportation costs to the event are awarded for classes traveling by bus only.

Is there a deadline to submit a request for a Transportation Grant?

Yes, there are two deadlines to allow us to plan for the funding needed. Please let us know NOW (upon registration) if your school will need help with the transportation costs. Space is limited, so all registrations should be received by October 1st, 2016.

Each applicant will be required to invoice the Children’s Education Foundation of Orange County (the sponsor of Gift of History) by January 15, 2017. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS.

Mail Transportation invoices to:

INVOICE: Children’s Education Foundation of Orange County
Accounts Payable / Gift of History
P.O. Box 628
Anaheim, CA 92815

Schools/Districts will receive funding in March 2017 which will be mailed to the contact person listed on the Program Registration.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at

November 17, 2016
Angel Stadium of Anaheim