History is written by the winners and our kids are winning.

The Gift of History program started over 10 years ago in the City of Anaheim.  We invited all of Anaheim's third-graders to the Grove to learn about their city's history from the mayor and from Mickey Mouse, himself!  After several years, it was clear to us that we needed to think bigger.  So we commissioned Orange County historian Stan Oftelie to write "Nothing Rhymes with Orange," a unique history book designed specifically for third-grade readers and to go along with the school curriculum requirements.  

Today, the mission of Gift of History is to teach Orange County’s rich history to all of the third-graders in the county.  Every year, generous sponsors make it possible for third graders across the county to receive our entertaining and age-appropriate history book about Orange County, “Nothing Rhymes with Orange.”  We then provide a set of interactive video history lessons to be used in tandem with specially developed lesson plans for a fun, in-class learning experience.

The Children’s Education Foundation of Orange County is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and a registered charity with the State of California.  Federal ID Number: 27-4823685 | State of California: CT017425


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